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AKUCAST: Banks and modern energy

How do our banking house members, Komerční banka and Česká spořitelna view the current turbulent events in the energy sector in general? Are the banks focusing, for example, on favourable loan financing for the acquisition of a home or business PV plant with a battery? How does the lack of legislation affect the banks’ attitude towards financing battery storage? And will the attitude towards financing modern technologies change when the amendment to the Energy Act is adopted, where the anchoring of storage or aggregation flexibility should already be reflected? Not only on these topics we talked with representatives of both banks, Pavel Beran from Komerční banka and Miroslav Brajer from Česká Spořitelna.

You can listen to the whole podcast on our YouTube channel or Spotify.


18.1.2023 | Online

AKUCAST: The impact of electromobility on the grid and e-mobility as a potential source of flexibility

The theme of the pre-Christmas AKUCAST is “The impact of electromobility on the grid and e-mobility as a potential source of flexibility”. The aim of the discussion this time was not to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles, but with distribution and flexibility experts, Stanislav Votruba from PREdistribuce and Tomas Cmíral from LEEF Technologies, we talked about the future impact of these “batteries on wheels” on the distribution system, how to use electric vehicles smartly to stabilize it or how they can be a source of flexibility.

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20.12.2022 | Online

AKUCAST: Improving power grid quality with battery storage

This time we talked to Peter Gaman from PATRIC about improving the quality of the power grid with battery storage. Petr Gaman is an energy expert who specializes in battery storage and e-mobility. He has worked at GE Transportation, Hutchinson, ŠKODA ELECTRIC and AERS. He is currently on the board of PATRIC Technology Center. In our next episode of AKUCAST, we discuss not only why power quality is an important indicator and how quality is assessed, and how one battery storage system, for example, can provide multiple applications.

You can listen to the whole episode on our YouTube channel or Spotify.

24.10.2022 | Online


We took a thorough look at the Czech Presidency’s priorities in the energy sector and took a peek under the hood of what the Energy Attaché is in charge of, and how the Czech Presidency is cooking. We also discussed the European legislation that is being prepared and, since we are in AKUCAST, we last but not least opened up the topic of hydrogen, which is also one of the key topics from the point of view of AKU-BAT. You can listen to AKUCAST on Spotify and on the AKU-BAT YouTube channel.

27.9.2022 |

AKUCAST: Batteries from all angles – technology, applications, materials, myths, recycling, safety…

The leitmotif of the next part of the AKU-BAT CZ podcast series is battery technology. In this episode of AKUKAST, Pavel Hrzina, a prominent Czech expert in photovoltaics and battery systems from the FEL ČVUT and the Solar Association, and David Vodička, commercial director of GAZ Gmbh, an important German manufacturer of nickel-cadmium batteries with a 135-year history, which is part of the well-known Bochemie group in Bohumín, will present new trends in battery development. Together with Jan Fousek from the AKU-BAT CZ association, the gentlemen also talked about materials and the availability of raw materials for their production, battery recycling, battery safety and, last but not least, the ways of using individual types of batteries.

Hear all this and much more in our next episode of AKUCAST.

12.8.2022 | Online

AKUCAST: Hydrogen or batteries? Using battery storage and hydrogen technologies in energy and industry

Hydrogen or batteries? In today’s episode of AKUCAST, we learn from members of the AKU-BAT leadership when it is better to store electricity in battery systems and when in hydrogen. Today’s guests are Martin Panáč from Siemens and Zdeněk Tříska from Solar Global. Both companies have not only been behind the construction of the first large-capacity energy storage systems in our country, since the beginning, and are still very intensively involved in battery storage, but they also have realistic and elaborated projects for relatively large hydrogen storage systems. Don’t miss the next episode of AKUCAST on the use of both technologies in energy and industry!

You can listen to the full podcast on Spotify or the AKU-BAT YouTube channel.

12.7.2022 | Online

AKUCAST: New technologies stumble about outdated legislation

We talked with Petr Kusý, a member of the Board of the Energy Regulatory Office, about what is currently happening on the electricity and gas market from the perspective of the ERO. How much has the experience of the previous few months shaken dpi? We also openly discussed the lack of new sources, such as photovoltaics, cogeneration, wind energy and others. We also touched on legislative topics and the need for the market to introduce elements of modern energy, such as accumulation and flexibility, into the Energy Act. Last but not least, we also talked about the new market design and the preparation of the New Tariff Structure, which has been in the grip of the Energy Regulatory Office for several years.

You can listen to the whole AKUCAST on Spotify or Youtube channel AKU-BAT.

28.6.2022 | Online

AKUCAST: Unique autonomous chargers and hydrogen technologies

Don’t miss the next episode of our AKUCAST, this time with Petr Balcárek from the TREMONDI company. In the role of moderator is our head of the technical working group, Ivan Trup. And what were the gentlemen talking about? Above all, about how the creator and manufacturer of control electronics for automotive got to the project startup GREENDEAL, the core of which is island production and supply based on hydrogen technologies. You will also learn about the idea of efficient storage and transportation of hydrogen in its most compact form – methanol. You can listen to the entire podcast HERE.

11.5.2022 | Online

AKUCAST: Management of energy consumption and production in industry and buildings in practice

Follow up after the webinar Management of energy production and consumption in industry and buildings with Michal Klečka, founder of GWL and AMWOLT and Tomáš Rendla, CEO of FLOWBOX. Jan Fousek from the AKU-BAT association and Daniel Ševčík from UNICORN will guide you through AKUCASTEM. We talked not only about the use of flexibility and its benefits, but also about its practical use in industry and buildings and about the opportunities it can bring to users and investors. You can listen to the entire podcast on our YouTube channel.

14.4.2022 | Online

AKUCAST: Management of energy consumption and production in industry and buildings

How to smartly manage and apply flexible production and consumption in the markets in industry, buildings and households? A podcast not only about smart management and decentralization, but also about current events in energy. Pavel Šolc and Blahoslav Němeček talk together with Daniel Ševčík in the first episode of the podcast series of the AKU-BAT association, also about the Green Deal and energy in Ukraine. You can listen to the entire podcast on our YouTube channel.

16.3.2022 | Online