The technical working group

The technical working group (TPS) of the AKU-BAT association was established in 2020. The idea to establish a TPS within AKU-BAT came from members of the association who perceived the need for a common platform that would focus on the technical side of the energy storage.

Goals and topics of the working group:

1) Participation in the NAP SG card solution, with an overlap into energy storage
2) Cooperation with regard to conditions for connecting to the distribution network
3) Recommendations for BMS/EMS/BESS interoperability
4) Education and strengthening of the role of revision technicians in the field of accumulation
5) Methodology for revisions of battery systems and renewable sources
6) Pilot project focused on the regulatory potential of BESS
7) Publication of professional articles
…and other topics


Group leader

Organised events and webinars:

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