8.11.2022 - 9.11.2022 | Senec - Hotel SENEC

The 12th SAPI Energy Conference 2022 will be held under the auspices of the President of the Slovak Republic, Mrs. Zuzana Čaputová. Guests can look forward to a rich program where, in addition to expert lectures and panel discussions, they will also experience a social evening with an interesting cultural program and networking.

The conference will be attended by political elites, representatives of key institutions as well as domestic and international experts. It will be dedicated to innovations and trends in photovoltaics and related energy storage. It will open up the topics of energy security and RES as a substitute for fossil fuels, the role of RES on the path to carbon neutrality, as well as the development of power grids and RES connectivity, and the preparation of energy projects and their involvement in energy markets. They will not forget about energy communities as a new form of association of consumers and producers.

The conference programme will also present a new SAPI study on the potential of wind energy in Slovakia and the barriers to its development.

Jan Fousek from the AKU-BAT CZ Association will participate in this event as one of the conference moderators.

The programme and more information about the event can be found HERE.