Manual for the implementation and operation of BSAE in the Czech Republic in 2024

We have just completed a manual, which aims to provide information on the conditions for the implementation and operation of battery storage facilities in the Czech Republic, as of the legal status valid in the first quarter of 2024. This guide is only available to our members.

The government discussed a new amendment to the Energy Act known as LEX RES III

Czechia is one step closer to implementing key elements of modern energy – flexibility aggregation and energy storage. The government discussed the amendment to LEX RES III, which will enable the introduction of these elements. Together with the Association of Modern Energy, we issued a press release regarding this event.

AKUCAST: Smart Management of PV Systems and Battery Systems in Households

In our latest AKUCAST, we discussed smart household management with PV and battery storage systems. Joining us for the discussion were Michal Hrabí, COO at SOLSOL, responsible for SOLSOL’s digitization efforts and new services for partner companies, and Vladislav Martínek, a research scientist at CTU UCEEB.

List of Battery Producers and Suppliers

In cooperation with the Solar Association, we have updated the list of recommended battery manufacturers and suppliers in the Czech Republic, from among our members.

Become a Member of the Association AKU-BAT

Membership in the AKU-BAT Energy Storage Association brings members many advantages in the areas of legislation, business, information and also contacts.

We associate subjects from the area
of energy across the Czech Republic

We associate subjects from the area
of energy across the Czech Republic

We are an association bringing together the most important entities active in the field of energy storage. We support the cooperation of our members in the entire spectrum of services, from the use of storage in industry, energy or as an element of flexibility, through the development of e-mobility to the development of hydrogen technologies and more.

The diversity of the ever-growing member base of the association gives us unique know-how across the field of accumulation.


The members of the association are large energy companies, international and domestic manufacturers and suppliers of batteries, the most important players in the field of renewable energy sources, renowned banking houses, universities, research institutions, associations, industrial enterprises, heating plants, investors in hydrogen technologies, telecommunications companies and law firms.

We actively participate in creating of new laws and setting the conditions of new subsidy titles. We have the most up-to-date information about ongoing and upcoming legislative changes, not only in the Czech Republic but also in the EU, which we share with our membership.

We are a founding member of the Modern Energy Association (Svaz moderní energetiky), and we also work closely with the Solar Association and other industry associations.

Events with AKU-BAT


Basics of Energy Management in “Modern Energy”

The Energy-Technical Innovation Cluster (ETIK) invites you to an online course from 21 May 2024 to 27 June 2024. The…

21.5.2024 – 27.6.2024 | Online


The International Expert Conference LMF will take place from September 11 to 13 in Ostrava. Why LMF? The conference brings…

11.9.2024 – 13.9.2024 | Ostrava – BrickHouse

AKUCAST – Our podcast

Battery storage sites in Slovakia

New episode of AKUCAST is out! This time we dive into the world of battery storage in Slovakia.

In this episode, we discussed the differences between the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the field of battery storage, explored what projects are currently emerging in Slovakia and what is holding back the development of BESS. We were also interested in where our neighbours are further ahead in the field of storage and how we can be inspired by their approach. Our podcast guests were Marian Smik, Greenbat partner and board member of the Slovak Battery Alliance, and Radoslav Stompf, chairman and CEO of FUERGY. The host of the episode was Jan Fousek, CEO of AKU-BAT CZ.

You can listen to the whole podcast on our YouTube channel or Spotify.

11.3.2024 | Online


In this episode, you’ll learn how to become an ancillary service provider, what it involves, what approach to take, what types of equipment you can use to provide ancillary services, when to approach an aggregator, etc. The AKUCAST guests were Jitka Hlavová, Director of the Thermal Technology and Energy Division at ORGREZ, one of the certification authorities, and Martin Kašák, Director of the Energy Trade Section at ČEPS. This episode is moderated by Petr Řeháček, Director of the Association of Aggregators and Flexibility Providers SAF, which is part of the AKU-BAT CZ association.

You can listen to the entire podcast on our YouTube channel or Spotify.

18.12.2023 | Online

AKUCAST: Flexibility Sources Not Only in the Czech Republic

Our episode is dedicated to the topic of flexibility aggregation and is this time recorded under the brand of the Association of Aggregators and Providers (SAF).

Specifically, in this episode, we focus on flexibility sources, key technologies, environmental aspects, and future potential. You will not only learn about the sources providing flexibility today but also hear from representatives of Nano Energies and TEDOM about the changes expected in the flexibility market in the next few years. Our guests for this episode are Lukáš Dobeš, CEO of TEDOM Operations, and Stanislav Chvála, CEO of Nano Energies.

You can listen to the entire podcast on our YouTube channel or Spotify.


23.11.2023 | Online


Velké baterie uchovají přebytky elektřiny a podrží síť. Je to však drahé

Hlavní solární boom Česko teprve čeká. Klíčová bude letos agrovoltaika, akumulace a agregace flexibility

Hubáček ve Skotsku začal stavět první z roky připravovaných úložišť energie. Vyjde na miliardy