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Membership in the AKU-BAT Energy Storage Association brings members many advantages in the areas of legislation, business, information and also contacts.

Solar association aku-bat

We associate subjects from the area
of energy across the Czech Republic

We are an association bringing together the most important entities active in the field of energy storage. We support the cooperation of our members in the entire spectrum of services, from the use of storage in industry, energy or as an element of flexibility, through the development of e-mobility to the development of hydrogen technologies and more.

The diversity of the ever-growing member base of the association gives us unique know-how across the field of accumulation.


The members of the association are large energy companies, international and domestic manufacturers and suppliers of batteries, the most important players in the field of renewable energy sources, renowned banking houses, universities, research institutions, associations, industrial enterprises, heating plants, investors in hydrogen technologies, telecommunications companies and law firms.

We actively participate in creating of new laws and setting the conditions of new subsidy titles. We have the most up-to-date information about ongoing and upcoming legislative changes, not only in the Czech Republic but also in the EU, which we share with our membership.

We are a founding member of the Modern Energy Association (Svaz moderní energetiky), and we also work closely with the Solar Association and other industry associations.

Events with AKU-BAT



We have become an expert partner of the 28th edition of the international exhibition infoTHERMA. The exhibition is focused on…

23.1.2023 – 26.1.2023 | Ostrava – Výstaviště Černá Louka


24.1.2023 | Brno – VUT Brno


Continuation of the virtual conference on NIS Directive 2: “Processes and Technologies” The third continuation of the expert online conference…

26.1.2023 | Online

AKUCAST – Our podcast

AKUCAST: Improving power grid quality with battery storage

This time we talked to Peter Gaman from PATRIC about improving the quality of the power grid with battery storage. Petr Gaman is an energy expert who specializes in battery storage and e-mobility. He has worked at GE Transportation, Hutchinson, ŠKODA ELECTRIC and AERS. He is currently on the board of PATRIC Technology Center. In our next episode of AKUCAST, we discuss not only why power quality is an important indicator and how quality is assessed, and how one battery storage system, for example, can provide multiple applications.

You can listen to the whole episode on our YouTube channel or Spotify.

24.10.2022 | Online


We took a thorough look at the Czech Presidency’s priorities in the energy sector and took a peek under the hood of what the Energy Attaché is in charge of, and how the Czech Presidency is cooking. We also discussed the European legislation that is being prepared and, since we are in AKUCAST, we last but not least opened up the topic of hydrogen, which is also one of the key topics from the point of view of AKU-BAT. You can listen to AKUCAST on Spotify and on the AKU-BAT YouTube channel.

27.9.2022 |

AKUCAST: Batteries from all angles – technology, applications, materials, myths, recycling, safety…

The leitmotif of the next part of the AKU-BAT CZ podcast series is battery technology. In this episode of AKUKAST, Pavel Hrzina, a prominent Czech expert in photovoltaics and battery systems from the FEL ČVUT and the Solar Association, and David Vodička, commercial director of GAZ Gmbh, an important German manufacturer of nickel-cadmium batteries with a 135-year history, which is part of the well-known Bochemie group in Bohumín, will present new trends in battery development. Together with Jan Fousek from the AKU-BAT CZ association, the gentlemen also talked about materials and the availability of raw materials for their production, battery recycling, battery safety and, last but not least, the ways of using individual types of batteries.

Hear all this and much more in our next episode of AKUCAST.

12.8.2022 | Online


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