Why become a member

Our base of members is highly diversified. In particular, members of the Board of Directors and the leaders of the working groups are representatives of the most important fields in the energy sectors and their voices are really heard – at ministries, state institutions and in the media. Bringing these important people together into one association creates a strong entity that really makes a difference in promoting energy storage technologies as a fully accepted part of the energy networks.

Membership in the Association for Energy Storage AKU-BAT brings members many benefits:

  • Legislation – an opportunity to actively participate in the creation of new laws and to have access to the latest information on ongoing and planned legislative changes in the Czech Republic and the EU (Public affairs)
  • Business – a possibility of mutual business interconnection between members of the association at internal meetings
  • Information – access to current information in the form of regular reports, newsletters and members’ meetings
  • Contacts – direct contact with top representatives of ministries, high-ranking employees of state energy institutions and top managers of energy and industrial companies
  • Media & conferences – possibility of joint appearances in the media and at conferences
  • Cooperation – close coordination of activities with other associations of modern energy in the Czech Republic, the EU and the world
  • Influence – although our association is quite influential, we are not a mass organization. Members work closely with each other and with the management of the association, we welcome every member’s suggestion

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Types of membership

AKU-BAT offers the following types of membership:

  • Full Membership – Regular/full members can take advantage of all the benefits of membership, which are summarized above. Of course, regular members are allowed to vote at General Meetings, can actively influence the association’s operations, get regularly important information from the sector, can attend all meetings of the association. Regular members are accepted by decision of the association’s CEO.
  • Affiliate membership – The category of affiliate membership is intended only for individuals, start-ups, smaller companies with their own battery installation of tens to hundreds of kilowatts (e.g. industrial enterprises, logistics centres, small tradesmen with their own battery and/or PV), selected interest groups or similar. This type of membership has an informational character only, affiliate members do not have any voting rights and cannot participate in running the association. Each application for affiliate membership is subject to review by the Executive Director after prior discussion with the Association’s Board of Directors.
  • Board membership – As the name implies, in addition to all the benefits of full membership, board membership provides a place on the association’s Board of Directors, where members decide on the most important steps and propose overall direction of AKU-BAT. The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Meeting.

Terms of membership

Any legal entity or regular person may become a member of the AKU-BAT Association. The necessary condition to become a member is the acceptance of the Statutes of the Association and the Payment Order.

Membership is granted by the Executive Director based on a written application form completed by the applicant. The Board informs the application about its decision.

Membership in AKU-BAT is officially established when the membership fee is paid. Each member is obliged to observe the Statutes of the Association and resolutions passed by the association governing bodies. Members, who are also legal entities, are represented at the Association meetings by one representative exercising the rights and duties of the member.