Why become a member

Membership in the AKU-BAT CZ Association offers members the opportunity to directly participate in negotiations with all relevant institutions with the intention to change the legislative environment of the Czech energy sector.

Our membership base is highly diversified. In particular, members of the Board of Directors and the leaders of the work groups are representatives of the most important fields in the energy sectors and their voices are really heard – at ministries, state institutions and in the media. Bringing these important people together into one association creates a strong entity that will really make a difference in promoting energy storage technologies as a fully accepted part of the power grid.

Terms of membership

Any legal entity or regular person may become a member of the AKU-BAT Association. The necessary condition to become a member is the acceptance of the Statutes of the Association and the Payment Order.

Membership is granted by the Executive Director based on a written application form completed by the applicant. The Board informs the application about its decision.

Membership in AKU-BAT is officially established when the membership fee is paid. Each member is obliged to observe the Statutes of the Association and resolutions passed by the association governing bodies. Members, who are also legal entities, are represented at the Association meetings by one representative exercising the rights and duties of the member.