Electromobility Forum 2024

2.10.2024 - 3.10.2024 | Praha - Forum Karlín

The Electromobility Forum promises to provide an up-to-date overview of the latest market trends, technological innovations and legislative changes. This meeting aims not only to provide comprehensive information on the current state of the industry, but also to discuss new opportunities and potential challenges facing it, including the current hot topic of melting competition for Europe from China and the US.

The Forum will target a wide range of participants, including businesses, professionals and other stakeholders. There will also be an exploration of the heavy electric vehicle segment and a debate on the potential use of hydrogen propulsion in transport. The conference is an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in the latest developments in road mobility and who wants to play a part in shaping them.

The forum will be complemented by an exhibition where you will have the opportunity to personally test electric vehicles and learn about the latest technological innovations in this field. The opening evening will be enlivened by a networking cocktail, providing an ideal opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences among the participants.

More information about the conference and EARLY BIRD tickets can be found HERE.

The conference program is structured in thematic blocks, combining lectures and panel discussions on the most topical issues.

The content of the blocks is prepared in such a way as to create a comprehensive picture for the audience, alternating between an overview of the issues and examples of already implemented projects. A moderated discussion will provide ample time to answer your questions.

The conference will also include presentations of vehicles and other products and services for electromobility and the opportunity for test drives.

The conference will be simultaneously interpreted into Czech/English.