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13.4.2023 | Online

The topic of the 12th part of AKUCAST is very topical, widely discussed, attractive – Flexibility, especially at the low voltage (LV) level, i.e. mainly residential flexibility, or smaller companies. We will probably have to wait a while for a more massive involvement of households in flexibility, but it is already clear that the potential is great. Experience from Western markets such as the UK, France and Belgium shows that flexibility aggregators can not only partially replace fossil power plants, but also enable the transition to digital and sustainable energy and can reduce countries’ costs for stabilising electricity systems, similar to energy storage.

We are delighted that two of our distinguished members, Jan Hicl, Product Director at Nano Green from Nano Energies and Tomas Molek, Senior Flexibility Consultant at Flexigy from Unicorn, have accepted the invitation to participate in the next part of our AKUCAST.

You can listen to the full podcast on our YouTube channel or Spotify.