The Working Group for Flexibility Aggregation (PSAF) was established by the association AKU-BAT in response to the need for strengthening innovations in the field of energy storage, especially the flexibility aggregation on energy markets. In March 2021, AKU-BAT became the first Czech professional association to bring together the entities active in this field.
Objectives and topics of the working group:
  • Cooperation on research projects on flexibility of battery systems
  • Pilot project to apply flexibility of battery systems for ancillary services
  • Sharing information in legislative areas related to flexibility aggregation
  • Recommendation for the amendment of energy legislation
  • Webinars, education and publication of professional articles
  • …and other topics
Organized webinars:
  • Flexibility Market Opportunities – Ancillary Services and Aggregation (8. 4. 2021) – more here


The head of the Working Group for Flexibility Aggregation is CEO of Nano Energies Stanislav Chvála. Nano Energies is a significant player in the energy market and provides the function of flexibility aggregator in the electricity market. The company became a member of the AKU-BAT association in March 2021.