The Technical working group of the association AKU-BAT (TPS) was established in July 2020, when the first meeting took place. The idea to establish the TPS within AKU-BAT arose from our associations’ members, who felt the need for creation a discussing platform that would focus on the technical part of energy storage. The members of the technical working group meet once a month.
Objectives and topics of the working group:
  • Participation in NAP SG (the National Action Plan for Smart Grids) with an overlap into energy storage
  • Cooperation in the field of connection conditions to the distribution network
  • Recommendations for interoperability of BMS/EMS/BESS
  • Education and strengthening the role of inspecting technicians in the field of energy storage
  • Methodology for revisions of battery systems and renewable sources
  • Pilot project focused on the regulatory potential of BESS
  • Publication of technical articles
  • … and other topics
Organized webinars:
  • Battery Storage for Heating Plants (16. 6. 2021) – more here
  • Connecting Batteries to the Distribution Network (25. 3. 2021) – more here
  • Battery Storage in Practice for Inspecting Technicians (4. 11. 2020) – more here


The head of the technical working group is Mr. Ivan Trup, business and technical director in the company MicroStep – HDO s.r.o., which has been a member of AKU-BAT since the beginning of 2019.