AKUCAST: Unique autonomous chargers and hydrogen technology

Don't miss another part of our AKUCAST, this time with Petr Balcárek from TREMONDI. Our leader of the technical working group, Ivan Trup, is the moderator. And what did the gentlemen talk about? Above all, how the creator and manufacturer of control electronics for the automotive industry got to the project startup GREENDEAL, the core of which is island production and delivery based on hydrogen technologies. You will also learn about the idea of ​​efficient storage and transport of hydrogen in its most compact form - methanol. You can listen to the whole podcast HERE.

AKUCAST: Power management and energy production in industry and buildings in practice

Follow up after the webinar Management of energy production and consumption in industry and buildings with Michal Klečka, founder of GWL and AMWOLT and Tomáš Rendla, CEO of FLOWBOX. AKUCAST will be guided by Jan Fousek from the AKU-BAT association and Daniel Ševčík from UNICORN. We talked not only about the use of flexibility and its benefits, but also about its practical use in industry and buildings and the opportunities it can bring to users and investors.vYou can watch the whole podcast on our Youtube channel.  

AKUCAST: Power management and energy production in industry and buildings

How to smartly manage and apply flexible production and consumption in the markets in industry, buildings and households? Podcast not only about smart management and decentralization, but also about current situation in the energy sector. Pavel Šolc and Blahoslav Němeček talked with Daniel Ševčík in the first part of the AKU-BAT podcast series also about the Green Deal and energy in Ukraine. You can watch the whole podcast on our Youtube channel.  

Jan Fousek on the Czech Radio

Yesterday, Czech Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček informed about the state’s intention to build at least one battery gigafactory in cooperation with the Czech DSO ČEZ with investment of more than 2 billion EUR. Jan Fousek, the CEO of the AKU-BAT association, was invited to a live broadcast of the Czech Radio to comment on this news. You can listen to it on the show “Odpolední Plus” at 15:10 (in Czech).

AKU-BAT organized a webinar on battery storage for heating plants

Yesterday, the Technical Working Group of the AKU-BAT association organized another webinar, this time on the topic of Battery Storage for Heating Plants. Representatives of Veolia CZ, C-Energy, Siemens, LEEF Technologies and AK Doucha Šikola shared their experiences and the AKU-BAT’s representatives also commented on the topic. More about the webinar here.

A member of the AKU-BAT Technical Working Group Michal Klečka published an article in the PRO-ENERGY magazine

Michal Klečka is the founder of GWL, which has been a member of the AKU-BAT association almost since its establishment, and also works in the AKU-BAT's Technical Working Group. Mr. Klečka wrote an article for PRO-ENERGY magazine on the topic Price and Capacity Are Not The Only Critical Factors When Choosing a Suitable Battery, you can read it here (in Czech).
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