AKU-BAT became a partner of the prestigious virtual conference Reuters Events

The Association for Energy Storage AKU-BAT became a partner of one of the most prestigious online conferences Reuters Events Transform Europe: Sustainable procurement & circularity. Jan Fousek, CEO of AKU-BAT and a Board member of the Modern Energy Union, will actively participate in the event, together with many foreign experts who will share their experience. The virtual conference takes place from the 7th to 8th of July and you can join for free:

PRO-ENERGY magazine published an article from AKU-BAT on European Commission’s study on energy storage

In the current issue of the PRO-ENERGY magazine, an article by Miss Jelínková and Mr. Fousek from the Association for Energy Storage AKU-BAT was published. The article The European Commission Has Published an Extensive Study on Energy Storage, Czechia is Behind focuses on the key study of the European Commission on energy storage. You can read the article here.

AKU-BAT became a partner of the World Battery Industry Expo 2020 in China

AKU-BAT became a media partner of a significant event World Battery Industry Expo 2020, which will take place in China from the 16th to 18th of August. The exhibition will be attended by over 400 exhibitors, including top battery makers from all over China, and by representatives from more than 30 countries. More information about the exhibition can be found here.

The European Commission has published an extensive study on energy storage, AKU-BAT participated in the preparations

Last week, a long-awaited study by the European Commission was published, focusing on energy storage and its contribution to the stability of the EU grid. The study called Study on Energy Storage – Contribution to the Security of Electricity Supply in Europe presents collected data on energy storage in the European Union, quantifies the benefits of energy storage for secure electricity supply and, above all, makes recommendations for energy storage development, both to EU authorities and the member states. The study also includes a description of the current situation in the member states, and the AKU-BAT association provided information for the Czech Republic. You can read the study here.

C-Energy is the first to use its battery for providing balancing services

C-Energy, a member of the AKU-BAT association, was the first in the Czech Republic to receive certification for its large-scale battery storage enabling to provide balancing services. The battery with a power of 4MW and a capacity of 2.5MWh was supplied by another member of AKU-BAT, Siemens. The testing confirmed the ability of the battery to provide the required services to ensure and maintain safety and stability. Read more in the C-Energy press release (in Czech).

Interview with Jan Fousek

An interview with Jan Fousek, CEO of the Association for Energy Storage AKU-BAT, was published on the portal Obnovitelně.cz. In this article you can read not only about the current legislative situation in the field of energy storage, but also about Mr. Fousek’s opinion on the consequences of the ongoing pandemic. You can read the interview here.
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